Walsh WSR31TBK Compact Refrigerator Dual Door




This Walsh WSR31TBK Compact Refrigerator Dual Door (19.13*21.10*32.80 Inches) stores food, soda, beer, and other beverages with less energy and without taking up too much space by being compact and stylish. This Sleek, Modern Refrigerator is ideal for college dorms, workplaces

With the Control Dial, you can adjust the temperature manually on a Walsh refrigerator, from 0 to 7. You may turn the knob to set the desired temperature for the refrigerator compartment. The temperature range for the fridge compartmen is 32°F to 47°F (0°C to 35°C), whereas that of

The glass shelves and level front legs provide a sleek design. Reversible doors that may be opened from the left or right, reversible door with various kitchen layout possibilities. Leveling legs allow you to alter the height of the feet to maintain balance in any location.