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Another question about generators – for a 1,500 square foot home in upstate NY, with a gas furnace, all electric appliances (range, hot water heater, washer/dryer), what’s the minimum size generator one should get? I need to run the gas furnace, the electric hot water heater, the fridge/freezer, the microwave or electric range, and a laptop, modem and router at the bare minimum. I also have a whole house AC, but not sure of the size. It’s not huge though. I know you really need wattages for appliances to calculate generator size needs, but I don’t have those without trying to dig up manuals for some appliances online. If most houses like mine require a 15,000kw portable generator that costs $4K, I’m thinking I might as well skip looking at portable generators and price out whole house backup ones. Thanks!

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I have electrical cook top and double ovens. I just don’t use them while the genrator is running. I use my plug in induction cook top indoors or camp stove set up under range hood or outside. The hot water mabe switch to gas like the furnace so it work without a high draw of electric. Or a heat pump electrical water heater and turn off high voltage portion when genrator is operating. With a 8 kw and make it trought

answered 3 months ago

I was wondering the same but we are all electric including furnace and ac