Closing on this home soon. I plan to paint

DWQA QuestionsClosing on this home soon. I plan to paint

Closing on this home soon. I plan to paint cabinets and epoxy countertop. I’m debating on doing the countertop myself with a kit or hiring a local professional who ballparked an estimate of $800-$1000 to epoxy the countertop to look like white/gray marble. I realize I could do it much cheaper on my own, and while I’m handy and versatile, I just don’t quite trust myself with this task. Anyone have a small kitchen done professionally? How much did you pay?

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answered 6 months ago

I’m about to do my own epoxy countertops here in the next couple months. I’m going to order a couple of gallons first and make some coffee tables or something while I learn how to use it, ideally sell the coffee tables and make a couple bucks. Just an idea…. but if someone quoted me 1000 bucks to do it I might let them do it but I would need to see their work too. I really just enjoy being able to sit back and look at my projects and say.. “man…. I did that”

answered 6 months ago

I think for that price, you should have it done professionally. Will last longer if they apply pro sealant. Have the exact price in writing, so they don’t go over.

answered 6 months ago

I did these countertops. Had no experience and it took me 2 days about 6 hrs each day. Most of time was just waiting for color to dry. Total cost $50-60.