Could use some help troubleshooting before I

DWQA QuestionsCould use some help troubleshooting before I

Could use some help troubleshooting before I call the plumber…

The toilet closest to the septic has been flushing funny the last week, it would completely empty when flushed and the gurgle. Thursday night the water wouldn’t go down and wouldn’t plunge. It emptied by morning, then did it again. So we called and had the septic pumped this afternoon, it was about 3-4 years overdue! It didn’t fix the issue but at least we’re good there a few more years.

Someone had used that toilet (solids, of course) this morning and flushed, and it still won’t plunge or drain. The toilet snake didn’t find anything. Our 20 ft drill-powered auger is having issues going in the hole because of all the liquid in the bowl. The toilet drains into a line, then there’s a sink, then the pipe diverts out of the foundation to the septic. Shower isn’t causing issues that were know of. When you run water in the sink, it bubbles up into the toilet like my kitchen sink does when it’s time to snake that pipe.

Does it sound like there’s a clog somewhere before the line connects to the main drain going outside?

*This is my best guess of pipe layout as under the house has wrap that covers most of the pipes.

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answered 3 months ago

Maybe a issue with a clogged vent?

answered 3 months ago

Had a similar problem at one of my rentals. The house had settled and separated from the line going to the sewer. It was a pain to fix. I had to rent a backhoe, dig it up and reconnect the house to the sewer. Hopefully this isn’t your situation. We figured it our using a line inspection camera.

answered 3 months ago

Be careful with power snakes. Sometimes they cause more damage than anything. Hopefully its not a cracked or broken pipe. Thats when you really have to be careful when using a snake

answered 3 months ago

Do you have any big trees or roots that could grow into the septic or sewer line? Ive seen that happen so many times.

answered 3 months ago

Sounds like a plugged line between the house and the septic. Do you have a clean out in the yard between the two?

answered 3 months ago

We opened up the drain from the sink and snaked from there, seems to have done the trick!