Guys and gals. I am going to replace all the flooring in

DWQA QuestionsGuys and gals. I am going to replace all the flooring in

Guys and gals. I am going to replace all the flooring in my house from carpet and tile. To vinyl plank.

I have a few questions.

What do you do in front of tubs?

What pads do you put down to protect the floor? Specifically like appliances. Stove and fridge. And couch.

I have a wood subfloor. How to I make sure its level? Do you just grab a big level and check or are there laser levels?

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answered 7 months ago

Depending on what vinyl plank you get you may not need to worry much about level. We did a very flexible one in one of our bedrooms. Some I looked at are very rigid and I imagine would need a fairly level floor. Be careful with the sticky pads on furniture that moves often, I always have them come off and then the floor gets scratched, I switched to nailed but as others pointed out you do need to be aware of condition or you can gouge the floor. For dining chairs I actually like the silicone cups, but you must have the right size to go on and fit tight or they fall off

answered 7 months ago

Funny you should ask these questions because I just moved in bedroom where the floors are complete. I have seen coasters with felt that I am going to put under my furniture legs. We purchased vinyl plank that already had pad attached. The guys worked more to make sure square versus level because it is a floating type floor.

answered 7 months ago

Use felt pads under your furniture. Self adhesive on one side felt on the bottom. Never use the ones where you push a pin into the leg. When the felt wears out all you have is that pin. Itll gouge your floor to let you know it needs to be changed lol.

In front of the tub just leave a small gap and caulk it.

answered 7 months ago

Is it floating or self adhesive vinyl? Self adhesive is thermally stable and can be cut pretty closely to air vents, protrusions and tubs/showers. Otherwise the adhesive would fail. Floating needs more room to move but also typically gets a waterproof underlayment to help cushion the vinyl and substrate.

answered 7 months ago

Answering based on wat u asked first: quarter round trim. Use left over floor boxes to move appliances when you’re done the floor use sticky filt pads on them. To check for level get a long straight board and place in on parta of the floor checking or any unlevelness then you can use floor leveler to level the spots you found