Hi, all. Couple questions. We bought a 1920\’s

DWQA QuestionsHi, all. Couple questions. We bought a 1920\’s

Hi, all.

Couple questions. We bought a 1920’s bungalow that ended up being an absolute nightmare of a money pit. We’re currently gutting the entire main floor down to the studs. This gives us the opportunity to get rid of knob and tube wiring, cast iron and galvanized steel plumbing, and to insulate the walls (there was none).

It ALSO gives us a super cool opportunity to decide what kinda light fixtures we’d like to install. In the living room, we’re totally gonna do a ceiling fan since we don’t have A/C (upper midwest, only a few weeks of hot weather a year).

What type of light fixtures would you guys suggest for the dining room and kitchen? We’re working with about 8′ ceilings, so I really want to avoid chandelier/dangly lights. We are also getting rid of that horrendous drop ceiling.

Any and all tips welcomed. I’m a 20-something who grew up in apartments my whole life with no adults to provide guidance. Thankfully, my co-worker’s husband is helping me and my partner out.

Thanks much!

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answered 6 months ago

I have a flush mount chandelier in my kitchen and I LOVE it but can lights in the kitchen are also nice as are hardwired lights under the upper cabinets