Investing in a #sanding #tool : what projects

DWQA QuestionsInvesting in a #sanding #tool : what projects

Investing in a #sanding #tool : what projects can you do with it as a first time home owner with zero skills?

Should I find a project first?

I need to jazz up some secondhand solid wood pieces which don’t go w other pieces in the house right now. I’d like to also build closet and exposed kitchen shelves.

(Someone is selling one I’d like to buy, I intend to YT learn later)


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answered 1 year ago

There are a wide variety of different sanding tools out there.

It really depends on what you need it for tbh.

answered 1 year ago

When you settle on a sander…or any corded tool…and you’re not in a hurry, hit the yard sales and estate sales and swap meets and Offer Up and so on. You can often buy sanders of various types for $5 to $20 used, versus $60 to $200 or more. There’s practically nothing to go wrong with them.

If you buy older tools, aka ‘vintage’, you can sometimes find awesome deals. For instance, I bought a reciprocating saw for $20 that’s big, heavy, and ugly, but came with more than $20 worth of blades. The same class of saw would cost $400 new, and probably wouldn’t be the same quality. The only drawback to these tools is conveniences such as newer tools having quick change blade systems where you need only pull a lever to change a blade, versus the old tool needing a wrench for a tedious blade change.