Need advice about refrigerator/freezer seals. My mother’s

DWQA QuestionsNeed advice about refrigerator/freezer seals. My mother’s

Need advice about refrigerator/freezer seals. My mother’s seal on her freezer is worn or just not sealing. Opening it take no effort like opening a cabinet.

I was looking at replacements and it seems replacing both seals would pay for half of a whole new fridge!

Anything I can treat the present seals with to make them seal better?

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answered 1 year ago

Call reliable parts and ask for their price on that part.

answered 1 year ago

It’s the magnet strip inside the vinyl that holds it closed tight.
Is the vinyl cracked at a corner sometimes people pull the magnet strip out instead of pushing it in and sealing the crack with silicone.
Did someone pull the magnet strip out.

answered 1 year ago

Old vinyl gets hard and isn’t flexible anymore. Any appliance that’s reached that level is old, and usually also uses a great deal of energy compared to a new one. Between the cost of a seal replacement and the energy, you’d pay yourself back to buy a new one.

answered 1 year ago

Google search the part numbers. You should be able to get those gaskets for $30-40 each. Door almost looks sprung a little. Take some sort of block and block the bottom of the door while pushing it in at the top. Might be able to spring it back in shape a little.

answered 1 year ago

You can try and use a hairdryer and with the door closed on low speed and high heat concentrate on the part that is not sealed and when warm enough let the magnet hold the seal to the door. You might have to help hold it until it cools. Depending on the hairdryer you may need to use a heat gun. Watch getting it too warm though.