Originally I was going to paint the cabinet

DWQA QuestionsOriginally I was going to paint the cabinet

Originally I was going to paint the cabinet in this bathroom the blue of the photo to match the decor. I even bought the paint and new wall paint. At that time I thought if I moved I’d rent it but now that I’ve decided to eventually sell im worried about doing it blue. All my cabinets (master, kitchen, other inserts) are this dark color and are done horribly. Im worried it’ll detour buyers if i don’t fix it but its a lot of work. My cousin who is a realtor says white is best for resale but would be hard to do with it being so dark. Master bath is almost identical except a tad smaller with a tub. I posted the towel rack i added and soon to be shelving I had purchased for where the big towel rack is now. I also thought about framing the mirror. Suggestions please! I will add additional photos of the other rooms in the comments if you need it or do a different post about that later!

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answered 6 months ago

Keep everything neutral colors if you plan on selling. Buyers can’t figure out that they can paint or don’t want to mess with it. Us DIYs we have it figured out. But keep neurtral