Question.. We want to replace the hanging

DWQA QuestionsQuestion.. We want to replace the hanging

Question.. We want to replace the hanging lights with some led ones.. I have basic electrical skills. The current lights have a switch at the island and there is a switch at each end of the kitchen. How hard will it be to install these? Also is it possible to replace the switch at the island with a dimmer and still leave the other 2 switches alone? Thanks for any help.

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answered 2 months ago

Really depends on what you have on the ceiling, looks like the new ones are almost inserts to a recessed light. Most likely you just have a ceiling junction box, so you may have to get above it to put the proper housing. It should be pretty easy to pop off the cover at the ceiling of existing lights to see what’s there and if the new light will work. The dimmer is not an issue at all.

answered 2 months ago

Kinda depends on if those hanging lights are separate fixtures or together in one unit. I’d also suggest going with a real can with LED’s in it. I have found that those slim ones are pretty much all garbage. The dimmer should be an easy swap though.

answered 2 months ago

I can’t answer about the dimmer, but I replaced my kitchen lights with these and it was insanely easy. Hardest/most annoying part will likely be cutting the drywall to the right size. Also want to be careful inserting them because I broke some drywall around the opening and you can see it with the light installed. Still on my list to fix.