We are redoing our kitchen. House was built

DWQA QuestionsWe are redoing our kitchen. House was built

We are redoing our kitchen. House was built in the 1950s.
We removed a cabinet.
Part 1: we found a red tube and some black wires. It looks like the red tube goes into a vent and the black wires looks like it goes into the wall further down.
Part 2: there is a metal tube above the over that doesn’t appear to attach to anything! Any idea what that is for?

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answered 1 year ago

The metal tube is a B-vent exhaust. Probably from a gas appliance that used to be in that location, maybe a gas oven. The black wires appear to be low voltage not sure what they would go to exactly. Red tube maybe a water or old gas line?

answered 1 year ago

Metal tube is the exhaust for an old gas oven that was replaced at some point. The red looks like it may be some type of conduit that the electrical was ran in when they ran the circuit for the electric stove. Not sure about the two black wires.

answered 1 year ago

Thanks! We are trying to follow the wires and the red tube. The wall it goes into is in our basement. So going to see if we can find the other end!