How to Clean an Ice Maker: a Simple Guide

An ice maker is great for making extra ice in your freezer, but how many of us clean the machine itself? Regular cleaning will not only make it work better, but also help you avoid costly repairs. Here are some steps on how to get started.

Why you should clean an ice maker?

If you do not regularly take care of the machine, it will have a hard time manufacturing enough cubes for drinks. This can result in your family or guests going without their desired beverages.

Odorless and Clean

If you don’t maintain your ice maker, it will eventually acquire odors over time. And not only will your ice taste strange but it may also have an odd odor.

Also, a dirty appliance is much more likely to gather mold and bacteria which can lead to illness if consumed by those who drink from them often. So keeping the device clean at all times is essential for maintaining good health standards when using an icemaker.

Unplug Your Ice Maker before Cleaning!

When cleaning your ice maker, always remember to unplug it first. This will help avoid any damages or injuries. If you are not sure how to do it, read the instruction manual that is usually available in your appliance’s box.

Caution! It is strictly forbidden to clean or to repair any electrical appliance while it is plugged in!

How It Works?

The simplest method for cleaning an icemaker is using just plain white distilled vinegar with some table salt added into it as well. This type of mixture can be placed inside your refrigerator’s freezer compartment which then melts down into liquid form after being chilled by the cold air. Afterwards, remove the water using a sponge and clean the surface with a microfiber.

If your ice maker is soiled heavily, use a washcloth and warm soapy water, or a couple tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in a gallon of warm water. Wash and wipe any of the removed parts using an old toothbrush to clean all hard-to-reach areas. After everything has been washed, rinse it in warm water and dry all compartment’s surfaces using a gentle cloth.

Important! Plastic pieces from your freezer should be never wahed in dishwasher, only hands washing required!

How often to clean an Ice Maker?

For regular cleaning, it is advised to wash your ice maker at least once per month. This way you will keep the unit in good conditions and prevent any serious problems from occurring later on.

If you notice that there are some dirty spots present too often, this means that something went wrong with how water has been produced by the appliance . That’s why it’s best to contact a professional company who can offer maintenance services for appliances!

Clean Regularly!

Whether you have a brand new ice maker or an old reliable one, it’s important to clean the machine regularly. It may seem like just another chore on your list of things to do around the house, but regular cleaning will make your ice maker work better and last longer. We hope these steps provide some guidance in getting started with this necessary task. Let us know if we’ve missed anything!