Best Freezer Containers – Buyer’s Guide

Food storage containers are easy to build a love/hate relationship. They can look cheap and fragile, it is always difficult to locate the lids, and the packages may feel like they are taking up an entire drawer. But all the difference is what makes it a great food storage container: you can conveniently eat prepped portions, take leftovers to work for lunch, refrigerate, and even serve some of the food.

Freezer Containers

Buyer’s Guide

If you store the leftovers in the fridge or keep pantry items nice and tidy, durable food containers are a must in the kitchen. Cost is always a significant factor but for containers for food storage, it is best to ask first whether the collection would actually last at home.
Usually, food storage containers are made of three types of materials: glass, hard plastic, or flexible plastic. Each of these has its pros and cons. The containers of glass are robust but strong. For rice, sugar, and other pantry ingredients, hard plastic containers are perfect for canister-type storage. While all containers for food storage have sealing lids, some are more reliable than others.
Lastly, freezer-safe containers are a must if you are preparing food in advance to keep it in the freezer. While you might never have an excuse to place a canister in the oven, if you can heat it in the microwave, smaller containers containing leftovers are even more convenient.


What organizing containers should I use in a freezer?

Glass mason jars and plates are the safest in the freezer for preserving food. They do not smear or pit, they sit for a long time in good shape. It’s a breeze to reheat since they will go from the freezer to the fridge to the oven so that another dish doesn’t have to be dried.

What freezer do containers keep food the longest?

The safest alternatives to keep the food storage to last long are glass bottles containers with screw caps or sealable stainless steel cans. Cardboard, parchment, soft fabric, or cotton bags are weak frozen food packaging products.

How to label plastic freezer containers?

To write the details of the container, use blue painter’s tape, as it is intended to erase neatly without leaving residue. Or, you can use mark holders (or name tag makers) to push a small card into the slot with any detail you need to be written on it.

How to prevent containers from exploding in the freezer?

Glass containers are typically made of one of two styles of glass-tempered glass or non-tempered glass-and you want to freeze if necessary in tempered glass jars. The non-tempered glass contains microscopic air bubbles that expand and contract as the glass is warmed and refrigerated, especially at extreme temperatures such as canning and freezing, so it explodes.

What kind of containers can go in the freezer to microwave?

Two general types of packing materials that are secure for freezing and microwaving are rigid containers and flexible bags or covering. Rigid plastic or glass containers are ideal for all packages and are particularly suitable for liquid packets. Straight edges on rigid containers make it much easier to cut frozen food.

Choose The Best Freezer Container For You!

1. Glass Food Storage Containers – Food Prep Containers with Lids – Editor’s Choice

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When not in usage, these glass containers are built to fit within each other and preserve critical space. Washing the lids on the top floor of the dishwasher is safe. The containers are flexible to fulfill your daily food storage needs, ideal for homemade meals, and taking them to work, school or gym, traveling, and more.


The containers are made of borosilicate glass (more about borosilicate glass on (Lead-Free), and rubber lids (ECO-Friendly) that are airtight and leak-proof to ensure that leaks will not occur.


You may use these glass storage containers for microwave purposes, it is made of high-quality borosilicate glass that is oven-safe above 700 ° F for refrigerator storage, microwave (not the lids), and dishwasher.


This Glass Food Storage Container comes in a 10 pack pure borosilicate glass suitable to withstand any heat and freezing temperature so it’s safe to be put in a microwave and freezers (more info about Glass Food Storage Containers on However, the lids are easily broken but it’s no doubt the best stacking feature.
  • Improved locking lids
  • Stackable design
  • Removable seal
  • The lids can be broken

2. Silicook Flat Plastic Box for Kitchen for Kitchen Refrigerator Organization – Amazon’s Choice

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The aim of these container organizer bins is to add order and consistency to the way consumers store food. Each freezer storage tray can carry everything you want, allowing these bins the ideal option to store anything from fresh meat to canned goods while keeping them separate from fruit and vegetables in your refrigerator or freezer (more info about Silicook Flat Plastic Boxes on

Safe to Use and Sturdy Plastic

This container is made from sturdy plastic and is shatter-resistant and BPA-free. It is designed to have safe and long-term use without using hazardous chemical additives or contaminants to guarantee that your storage trays do not affect your food’s taste (read more about BPA on

Functional and Versatile

The best alternative to store beef, vegetables, fish, fruits, canned goods, food packages, and even cheese is by using these refrigerator food storage bins. They can also be used to store dry food in drawers or cabinets to help prolong their quality and freshness.


Silicook Flat Plastic Box might be the best option for storing meat and other fresh products in your freezer, it has multiple features that can prove this claim, but most importantly this storage bin promises a sturdy plastic use together with its wide variety of functionality (more about how to freeze fresh vegetables and fruits on
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to store in package bags
  • Are not airtight

3. Youngever 18 Pack Baby Food Storage – Best Baby Food Container

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The Baby Food container can be labeled for your material on the container’s lids. It is made of high-quality materials that are good for microwaves, safe for freezers, and dishwashers, no lead, and no BPA. The screw on the lids of each container is leak-proof and easy to use to make the preparation of baby food much simpler.

On-the-Go Container

To stop the chemical additives that come with processed baby formula, most parents chose to make their own baby food, use fresh ingredients, and puree them. This container of food is portioned throughout and if you’re on the run, you can easily take a box and throw it in a diaper bag.

Planned Food Spaces

Making fresh food will take up whatever spare time you have in a day with all those servings. These baby food containers also come in 2- to 4-ounce pieces, so you can take a handful out of the fridge, defrost them and feed your baby at the prescribed and desired time.


Youngever Pack Baby Food Storage (official website) obviously, by its name, is intended to be used for baby food storing purposes. It is strategically designed to accommodate the needs of your baby when it comes to food preparation and storage.
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Multicolor
  • Makes life easier
  • No leaks
  • You can’t reuse the same labels they give you

4. StarPack Home Ice Cream Freezer Storage Containers Set – Best Ice Cream Containers

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For freezing and gifting fresh ice cream or soup, these sleek, durable, and reusable ice cream freezer containers are the ideal option for you. Unlike plastic freezer jars, the silicone lids will never break. Each container is freezer-safe that carries 1 liter (just over 1 quarter), packed in 2 containers.

Storage for Homemade Desserts

Store homemade ice cream, chili, or sorbet, these are perfect containers for preparing meals, especially for desserts. The silicone lids are easy to take off the freezer right away, and will never snap over time.

Long-Lasting and Easy Clean Up

With proper usage, these containers will last for years. The soft silicone lids would not spill or break, even after repeated re-use. There are also no seams or gaps to catch food and dangerous bacteria, even the clean-up is a breeze, just scrub or put in the dishwasher under hot water.


For the family who loves making homemade desserts, and especially ice cream, this StarPack Home Ice Cream Freezer Storage Containers Set (official website) is no wonder the best choice for you. It’s safe to use with its food-grade plastic and non-toxic materials. Plus, it will stay long-lasting without breaking or snapping.
  • Hygienic
  • Freeze and microwave safe
  • BPA free
  • Food Grade material
  • It does not allow ice cream to get as firm as you may like

5. Ecowaare 15 Pcs Reusable Produce Bags – Best Eco-Friendly Mesh Bag

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Unlike other non-translucent mesh bags from other brands, this produce bag is almost translucent so that you can clearly see what’s inside through the bag; bar codes are checked right through the bag so that the cashier can see the number of items and also allow the transaction easier.

Convenient and Easy to Organize

With drawstring button closing, these storage bags are simple to open and close; bright drawstrings and labels help make you more organized; it’s quick to clean, only spray it with water or wash it with the rest of your washing, and they’re ready to go once again.

Environmental Friendly Mesh Bags

This sustainable and sturdy bag is a perfect addition to the mission of being free of plastic and supporting the environment since each mesh bag has the ability over its lifespan to replace up to 1000 plastic bags in total.


Ecowaare Reusable Produce Bags (official website) is a suitable name for his eco-friendly mesh bags. It has multiple features that are mainly advantageous for its organization’s side. This is a good alternative for a container that will work the same as it is.
  • BPA free and 100% food contact safe
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Easy to clean
  • Not for sugar, salt or flour

6. Food Storage Containers with Lids (50 Pack, 25 Ounce) – Best Reusable Containers

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This freezer and microwave-safe deli storage package has a strong, durable build and tight lids to ensure that your food remains in the plastic storage containers. It won’t leak into your lunch box, car seats, furniture, or anything else in your food preparation and meal preps.

BPA Free and Microwave Safe

This set of food storage containers should last longer and save you some money, without melting plastic into your food, microwave distorting, or freezer cracking. It will withstand -14F-230F (-10C-110C). Also, these storage containers, after use, will still continue to look nice.


This reusable package is made of heavy-duty plastic, that can be used as freezer storage containers without breaking risk and can be flipped without spinning or burning in the microwave, it is also easily stackable for your convenience.


This food freezer container is easily the best reusable set of containers available in the market, its plastic composition is just suitable for storage purposes, without warping, melting, or staining (more info about Food Storage Containers with Lids on
  • Non-staining
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Strategic sizing
  • Non-warping
  • The plastic can degrade

7. Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Food Keeper Saver Storage Container – Best Fresh Foods Container

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With a 100% BPA-free and food secure feature, this storage helps you to store your fruits and vegetables easily, like broccoli, melon, onions, cabbage, beans, tomatoes, radishes, oranges, strawberries, cherries, and more. It can also be used as a sewing materials keeper, painting kits, and the like.

Retains Food Freshness

A tiny hole on the side allows sufficient circulation and ventilation, so you can “breathe” the fresh fruits and vegetables while preventing damp and spoilage. This enables you to conveniently preserve your food, ensuring that even though you keep it for a longer time, the freshness will last.

Premium Quality

This unbreakable container is constructed with 100 percent food-grade plastic (more about food-grade plastic on As long as the lid is locked, there will be no leak and although you turn it upside down, the food won’t come off. Its durable structure is resistant to heavy use and falls, maintaining your food in good hands.


The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Food Keeper Saver Storage Container, be as it may, the best food container for your fresh foods, specifically for fruits and vegetables. It is made from non-toxic and food-grade plastic that retains the food’s freshness because of its proper ventilation (read more about Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Food Keeper Saver Storage Container on
  • Non-molding
  • Avoids spoilage
  • Versatile
  • Made from virgin plastic
  • Small size

8. Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes 32 Piece Set – Best to Keep your Food Fresh

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Fresh, BPA-free, FDA (official website) GRAS, reusable, hand-washable, and top-rack dishwasher resistant, and microwave safe; these are just the many of the features this Debbie Meyer Green Boxes container offers. It comes in different sizes that are suitable for lunches at school or workplace, picnics, traveling, leftovers, meal planning, and more.

Food Freshness Technology

Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes (official website) are developed using Debbie Meyer FoodFresh technology; a special, patented mix of scientifically validated organic products in independent laboratory tests to extend the life of fruit, vegetables, baked goods, and snacks.

Reduces Waste and Saves Money

When your new fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and snacks stay fresh longer, this means that you can buy them in bulk or in bigger quantities. This container allows you to save money and eliminates waste by supporting food products to deliver their freshness all the time.


Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes sets the bar high for its scientifically proven technology to preserve food’s freshness longer than the other containers, this means that you no longer have to worry about spoilage in the meantime.
  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient to use
  • Easy and convenient
  • Stackable
  • The lids are difficult to remove

9. Mrt Pro Fresh Produce Vegetable Fruit Storage Containers For Refrigerator – Best Partioned Container

[amazon box=”B083K4ZWRT” tracking_id=”frozen00-20″]
The multipurpose storage container that the Mrt Pro refrigerator & kitchen & picnic offers has a special compact feature that holds vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator longer, up to two weeks. It is made from high-quality food-grade PET protective content that can easily resist stains and odors.

Multi-use and Partitioned Design

This container is able to open the bottom of the food storage box with a small hole for draining water, so it can be used as a colander to wash items. This could be put straight in the fridge after cleaning, and its container also comes with flexible foldable partitions to separate and fit your food.

Easy Organize Container

This plastic refrigerator container with lids is intended to provide you with a simple, hygienic, and cost-effective way of bringing more variety to the ways you store your veggies and groceries while helping to eliminate the clutter and arrange all your freezer essentials in an easy way.


Mrt Pro Fresh Produce Vegetable Fruit Storage Containers might be the best-partitioned container in the market, this allows you to easily adjust the vents in which it can fit the best for your variety of foods (more about Mrt Pro Fresh Produce Vegetable Fruit Storage Containers on
  • Fresh produce storage
  • Food grade material
  • Adjustable
  • The hole at the bottom might result in leaks