On the Road


“On The Road” is a “fixed price” three-course exploration of a place, culture, person, or cuisine.

Every Monday, a new “On the Road” is revealed, so check weekly for the latest culinary adventure!

We relish the opportunity of finding something new and different to eat wherever we go. Whether it is part of an extended travel experience to a far destination, or simply to a treasured friend’s table down the street, “On The Road” is our way of sharing the pleasure and adventure of food discovery through the people and places we have encountered, and also the anticipation of tables and places yet to be found.

ON THE ROAD – Fresh Gulf Coast Seafood

In lieu of an On the Road this week, I have opted to bring in lots of beautiful seafood from the Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coasts. We have gallons of freshly shucked oysters, pounds of not just lump, but jumbo lump crabmeat and jumbo (10-15 count) shrimp. We are preparing these in a variety of ways.

In the hopeful event you come to dine with us, if there is nothing to catch your fancy on this list, just ask me and I’ll try to prepare something special just for you using this beautiful seafood.