What is the Back Door Cafe?

  • A Place to Dine.
  • A Place to Linger Over a Meal.
  • A Place to Converse with Old Friends.
  • A Place to Experience New Tastes.
  • A Place to Have Old Tastes Made New Again.

What is Contemporary Mississippi Cuisine?

Contemporary Mississippi Cuisine uses traditional southern cuisine as its core but encompasses influences from other regions of the United States and other countries around the world. Only the freshest ingredients are used.

You may find a southern dish prepared with a French sauce, a German dish served with locally grown southern vegetables or a traditional southern dish whose recipe was passed down for generations. You may encounter dishes that have nothing to do with Mississippi whatsoever. Contemporary Mississippi Cuisine provides the opportunity to experience new tastes, and the opportunity to experience old tastes made new again. You will always know where you came from, but maybe surprised by where you end up!

What are the Influences of Contemporary Mississippi Cuisine?

Like most southern food, Irish, French, Spanish, Cajun-Creole, and Soul Food are influences to Contemporary Mississippi Cuisine. Additionally, you may find Tex-Mex, New England, and California Cusine influences.