How to Bypass the Start Relay on a Refrigerator

If you’re the handy type, how to bypass start relay on refrigerator might sound like an interesting project. You might be wondering how this is possible! Well, it’s not that complicated. All you need are a few household items and some basic knowledge of how refrigerators work. This blog post will guide you through everything you need to do for this DIY project.

Why one needs to bypass start relay on refrigerator?

Due to the problems such as overload and short circuit, your refrigerator needs a start relay bypass. This can be achieved by using an electronic device like Fluke 15B+ Multimeter or any AMFET transistors.

There are two types of how to go about doing this: one is going direct from battery terminal directly on PCB however if you don’t have that luxury then just use a switch between AC cord wire & PCB power connector at the rear side of fridge near compressor compartment door.

The main reason for it being so hard because there’s not enough room in refrigerators nowadays especially where they put refrigerant lines which makes everything harder but still possible! You’ll need patience when working with electronics – take your time and double check.


Fridge relay and compressor: how they works?

Fridge relay is used to assist the fridge compressor while functioning. When working under normal circumstances, fridge compressor starts when relay contacts close. However, the relay is a mechanical component and as such it may fail at some point.


If fridge compressor does not start, bypassing the relay will show how to deal with this issue and ensure that the refrigerator is still able useable.

Steps to bypass a relay

  1. The first step of how to bypass a fridge relay is turning off electricity supply for safety reasons as well preventing damage caused by electrical faults.
  2. Once power has been turned off, it should be easy to remove any parts blocking access such as shelves etcetera within refrigeration unit or freezer compartment depending on where you need access from.
  3. Remove the back cover by prying it off at the rear bottom of your device. Take a screwdriver and remove the cover plate, which you’ll find at the rear bottom of your gadget. Remove the cover plate to continue with this procedure.

  1. Push the metal box at the right-lower rear of your refrigerator, then remove it. When you pull out the relay, you’ll see how the relay system is installed within the metal box. To remove the relay, carefully grasp a flathead screwdriver and push between it and its housing.
  2. Remove the relay’s metal connector and strip off both wires. After that, connect both of the wires to the relay housing to complete the circuit. Replace the metal box over the relay area and fix the cover plate back on the metal box.


Further checking 

Turn the power back on at the circuit breaker box. Plug the fridge back into the socket and turn on the circuit breaker. Turn on the fridge and keep an eye on it for a few hours to see how it works.

This is a basic compressor, and its operation should be straightforward. You’ll hear clicking noise it indicates that the compressor is functioning properly. It means that the relay wasn’t operating correctly.

Keep in mind that never put a lot of strain on the compressor. As a temporary solution, use the bypass to get through the current situation. To give your air conditioning system a much-needed boost, call a professional and have another relay installed in the system.




Happy tinkering!

This blog post has provided you with all the information needed to bypass your refrigerator’s start relay. If this is not something that interests you, then we hope it at least helped educate you on how a fridge works! For those of us who are up for a DIY project, there’s no better way to learn than by doing. Good luck and happy tinkering!