Tomato Puree Vs Crushed Tomatoes

What tomato product do you prefer to use in your tomato sauces? Do you like tomato puree, crushed tomatoes, or canned tomato products? In this article we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each option so that you can make a more informed decision.

Tomatoes Nutrition Value

The tomato is one of the healthiest fruits around. It contains lycopene, an antioxidant that has been shown to help prevent cancer and heart disease. Tomatoes are also high in Vitamins A, C, B-complex vitamins like riboflavin (B-vitamins), thiamine (Vitamin B) or niacin (B). They are a great source of minerals including potassium which helps maintain normal blood pressure when consumed daily.

Сanned Tomatoes Types

Canned tomatoes are picked and processed when they are ripe. The canning process helps to retain the tomato’s nutritional value. Canned tomatoes have a long shelf life and do not require refrigeration.

  • Tomato puree is made from whole, peeled tomatoes that have been cooked down until they are a thick liquid. It is commonly used in Italian dishes like pasta sauce or lasagna.
  • Crushed tomatoes are made from whole, peeled tomatoes that have been ground into a chunky consistency. They are often used in Mexican and American dishes like chili or salsa.
  • Diced tomatoes are available whole, peeled or unpeeled with stems removed. Diced tomato products can be made from fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes that have been chopped into uniform cubes.
  • Tomatoes may also be processed using concentrated tomato paste to give them their characteristic red color and thick consistency.

Benefits of Tomato Puree

Tomato puree is tomato juice which has been crushed and strained to remove the seeds, leaving just tomato pulp. This leaves you with a smoother texture than traditional crushed tomatoes without compromising on flavour. Tomato puree also contains more liquids than traditional crushed tomatoes so it works well in soups or sauces where you need more moisture content.

  1. It’s easier to cook with because of its smooth consistency that doesn’t require any additional chopping before cooking unlike many other tomato products like chopped tomatoes.
  2. It can be used in recipes such as lasagne, spaghetti bolognese etc where traditionally would use ready made sauce but want something thicker for extra flavor.
  3. You don’t have to worry about using an entire tin of tomato puree if only half is needed for a recipe, tomato puree freezes well so you can save the rest for another time.

Benefits of Crushed Tomatoes

Crushed tomatoes are made from whole tomatoes thinned out with water. This results in a less smooth but more textured tomato product which is great for using in dishes where you want that classic crushed tomato texture and flavor. Crushed tomatoes also have a longer shelf life than tomato puree as they don’t contain any added liquids.

  1. Crushed tomato is great for adding into pasta sauces as it has a thicker texture than traditional tomato puree – It also works well in recipes where you want to add more liquid such as soups or casseroles.
  2. You can easily freeze the crushed tomato so that you have some on hand when needed, tomato paste doesn’t freeze very well so this is a good alternative if only half a tin needs using.
  3. It has a long shelf life of up to two years.

Difference Between Tomato Puree and Crushed Tomatoes

The main difference between tomato puree and crushed tomatoes is the texture. Crushed tomato has a more textured feel while tomato puree is smoother with no seeds or skin. Tomato puree also contains more liquids than crushed tomatoes, making it ideal for dishes where you need more moisture content. Both products are great for cooking with and have their own benefits in different recipes.

-Tomato puree is great for adding into pasta sauces as it has a smoother consistency making it easier to cook with.

-It also works well in recipes where you need more liquid such as soups or casseroles, tomato puree contains no seeds so the juices are smooth and easy to use.

-If you’re making a dish where the tomato flavor will be diluted, tomato puree is the better choice.

-If you’re making a dish where tomato flavor is desired in every bite, crushed tomatoes are your best bet.

How to Make Tomato Puree from Crushed Tomatoes

To make tomato puree from crushed tomatoes, simply add tomato juice and strain. You can use a food mill to extract the pulp or place them in cheese cloth with a spoon on top so that it strains through when pushed down by the force of gravity alone – this is known as ‘cold packing’.

In Conclusion

Tomato puree vs crushed tomato – what’s the best for your needs? It really depends on your preference! Both ready-made tomato products serve as great substitutes for making homemade sauce, soups and casseroles at home without the need to peel or chop any raw ingredients by hand!