How to Change a Water Filter in a LG Refrigerator

LG has been manufacturing refrigerators for over 65 years, and their products are reliable, functional and modern. If you are the lucky owner of an LG refrigerator, then sooner or later the moment will come when you need to replace its water filter. In this blog post, we’re going to walk you through the entire filter replacement process in LG refrigerator step by step!

LG refrigerators water filter location

The location of the water filter in your LG refrigerator depends on the model of the refrigerator. LG refrigerators are represented by a wide range of models:

  • InstaView Door-in-Door
  • Door-In-Door
  • French Door
  • Side-by-Side

General rules

The general rules for replacing the water filter in an LG refrigerator are as follows:

  • Use only LG brand filters
  • Check the exppired date of LG brand filters before installation
  • Change the water filter every 6 months

Step-by-step guide

The filter replacement scheme is common for all models. I has a following standard form.

  • Locate where your old filter is located

-Close the water compartment door until it clicks into place.

– Turn off the ice maker and water supply to the refrigerator.

– Remove the old filter by unscrewing it from the cap on top of the fridge.

– Make sure to discard your old filter in accordance with your local recycling guidelines.

– Install the new filter by screwing it into place on top of the fridge.

– Turn the water supply back on.

-Run cold tap water for several minutes to flush out any remaining impurities in the line. If you have not used your refrigerator for an extended period of time, change the filter after two weeks and also run ice cubes through twice before using them again (this is especially important if someone with immune deficiency has been living at home). Cleaning up will take less than ten minutes from start to finish!

In order to track deviations from this scheme for each specific model of the refrigerator, you should familiarize yourself with the detailed recommendations for replacing the filter on the official LG website in the Help section.

The following specifications are available here for water filter installation:

LT1000P, LT900X3, LT800P, LT700P, LT600P, LT500P.

Also, some models are equipped with video instructions in this section.

What happens if you never change your refrigerator water filter?

If you never change your refrigerator water filter, a lot of bad things can happen. The quality of the water you drink will slowly decline and eventually, your ice maker will stop working altogether. You’ll also start to see mold growth in various parts of the fridge, as well as on the gaskets that keep the cold air inside. Not only is this unsanitary, it can also be dangerous for anyone who consumes food from your fridge. So don’t take any chances – change your filter every six months!

LG has made it easy for you by providing clear instructions on how to change your water filter, so there’s no excuse not to do it! And if you have any questions concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us!