COSTWAY 22756WH-CYPE-CS Compact Refrigerator


Model Name 22756WH-CYPE-CS
Form Factor Compact
Pattern Solid
Configuration Compact Internal Freezer
Item Dimensions LxWxH 17.5 x 17 x 38.5 inches
Inverter Type Has Inverter


The attractive design and ample capacity of this refrigerator will make it a welcome addition to your kitchen. The COSTWAY 22756WH-CYPE-CS Compact Refrigerator is ideal for families or people who prepare meals. With its three rows of glass paned shelves, the COSTWAY allows you to organize and store food easily while keeping everything well-chilled. Its efficient design ensures that this refrigerator cools quickly and evenly, ensuring that your frozen foods are perfectly cold. It is a fantastic value with years of quiet, dependable use in mind.

The crisper drawer is built for your fruits and vegetables, ensuring that they remain fresh. Your ice cream can stay frozen all summer in the separate freezer compartment, while the included ice tray may be used to make ice cubes to keep your drinks cold. If you want to store taller objects, the glass shelf may be removed or adjusted. It also provides convenience for washing because it has a pull-out shelf and two storage drawers.

This refrigerator is a great choice if you are looking for a quiet and low-decibel appliance, it emits only 40 db of noise, so it will not disturb your peace while it is running.