Danby DAR044A1SSO Stainless Steel Outdoor Refrigerator




Danby DAR044A1SSO Stainless Steel Outdoor Refrigerator is the perfect appliance for your home! It features an elegant stainless steel design and has four cubic feet of space to store all those groceries you buy every week. Plus, it comes with adjustable temperature control so that no matter what time during summer or winter months–you can find a setting ideal just about any food item on hand. This freestanding model offers plenty of space for storage with its 22.63 inch tall x 20.75 inch wide doors, which can be opened fully at both ends so you don’t have take any steps when loading or unloading things from inside

It also features an easy-to-reach tempered glass shelf that keeps drinks cool without compromising visibility during parties thanks in part because it takes up less countertop real estate than other types such as metal mesh panels do.

This refrigerator is an energy star rated refrigerator with a capacity of four cubic feet and stainless steel exterior. The shelves are glass, providing visibility into your food as you store it inside this beautiful appliance! With adjustable temperature controls so that both hot foods can be kept cool or cold alike without compromising quality!