Galanz 2.7 cubic foot compact dorm refrigerator




The new Galanz stainless steel refrigerator is here, and it’s perfect for any small space. It features an easy-to stand design withElectronic lock system so you can easily store your items without worry! With 3 shelves that observations both depth rating as well replacement cost when compared to other makes on the market today this little guy will be able to hold just about anything inside including food storage containers or even beverages if need be.

You’ll get your choice between stainless steel or white finish, and since it’s made out of solid metal instead if plastic like most other models on today’s market place–not only does this keep things colder longer but also means they’re more durable too!. With three shelves that can hold up plenty more than just food; there is no need ever worry again because everything has been taken care off!