Ziploc Bags Easy Fridge Organizer – 20 Bags



Stop looking for leftovers and snacks in your dirty refrigerator. These organizers take up space that would otherwise be wasted. Zip n Store is a simple clutter-free organization system. It’s the greatest fridge shelf and organiser available.



INSTALLS IN 2 MINUTES NO TOOLS NEEDED: Attach the three-pack to the bottom of your refrigerator shelf. It’s that simple. Zip n Store is also straightforward to remove. Requires a flat underside of your refrigerator shelf with a 7″ wide by 7″ deep and a full depth of 11″ in your fridge.

KEEP THE KIDS SIPPING WATER AND EATING SNACKS UNTIL YOUR OVERTIME IS UP: Snacks and lunches are easy to discover and access. The kids will have a clear view of the snacks and lunches you’ve put up for them. Extend the extension track, and they’ll be able to see

HOLDS UP TO 35 POUNDS: 20 slots for storing quart size storage bags. Organizer with a strong and sturdy construction. The beautiful and practical design looks fantastic.