How Long Does Cake Last in the Fridge?

We all know cakes are delicious, but how long does cake last in the fridge? Here’s some information to help you make your cakes last as long as possible! First and foremost, cakes should always be stored in a refrigerator. If refrigerated properly, cakes can stay fresh for up to a few days.

What is Best Storage Period For Cakes?

There are too many types of cakes and pastries, both traditional and quite modern, prepared according to new recipes, they include chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, sponge cakes, wedding cakes, cheesecake, rum cakes, pound cakes and a huge amount of others. And the most common question is “How long this cake can last in the fridge”?

Refrigerators are usually the most appropriate places to store cakes, not being freezing at the same time. They extend the life of the cake and don’t require defrosting. Safe storage period depends mostly on the type of cake. Most kinds of cakes are safe to eat for up to four days after baking if they are stored in the standard size refrigerator keeping them moist, tasty and juicy!

In average, being kept the cake in the fridge, frosted cake or covered with fondan will last for 3-4 days. If the cake is filled with custard, cream, cream cheese or fresh fruit it will last 1-2 days at most.

Some other types of cakes

  • chocolate or cream cheese icing

Refrigerate cakes that are covered with chocolate or cream cheese icing for up to four days, while cakes decorated by fondant can be stored no longer than 24 hours.

  • fruit cakes

Cakes containing fresh fruit should only be kept for two to three days at most before they go bad.

  • chocolate cakes

Typically, this type of cake lasts for about five days in the fridge.

  • sponge cakes

It’s best if these are eaten soon after they have been taken out from storage or else risk them losing their moist texture and flavor too quickly due to exposure to oxygen. Some experts recommend enjoying your sponge cakes on the same day you put them into refrigeration while others suggest waiting another 24 hours before cutting it open.

  • ¬†frosted cakes

They can last in the fridge a little bit more than spongy cake because frosting keeps the moisture in the sponge.

  • pound cakes

These traditional cake typically last for up to ten days when stored properly in the refrigerator.

How long Cakes on Counter last?

If you want your cake or any other pastry to stay fresh then store it in the fridge not more than three days even if refrigerated properly.

Which ones, home-made or store-bought cakes, last longer?

There is no big difference between cakes made at home and cakes bought from the stores, as all cakes are made up of butter, jam and cream which tend to get spoil quickly in the open air.

How long does cake last in the freezer?

If you want to store cakes in the freezer then wrap them tightly and put it into a solid bag. It will stay fresh for up to three months but after that, cakes tend to get stale or lose its flavor due to less moisture availability inside the freezer. If frosted in a freezer, cakes are eatable ten to twelve months after baking without spoiling the smell and taste.

What is the best way of storaging cakes in the fridge?

Cakes last longest on countertop when kept covered with seal plastic wrap therefore make sure wrapping cakes properly before putting it back on counter top.

Eat Fresh!

It’s better not to eat cake which is more than one month old as it may cause food poisoning. If cake has cracks on the top then do not eat as there is a risk of getting sick because of mold inside those cracks! Sometimes even white spots on cakes indicate spoilage so avoid taking risks with your health! And remember, outside the fridge your cake can get spoiled even within one day!