How To Measure Cubic Feet of Refrigerator? Step-By-Step Guide

Knowing cubic feet is a key metric for determining the size of your refrigerator. It can seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s actually really simple. To measure cubic feet, you’ll need to know three pieces of information: height, width and depth.

It only requires basic math and knowledge on how to measure cubic feet. This blog post will go over some easy steps on how to measure cubic feet of refrigerator as well as the basic math involved in this process.

Why do you need to measure Cubic Feet of Refrigerator?

  • cubic feet of refrigerators can help consumers to better know the size and amount of food they will be storing inside their fridge,
  • cubic foot measurements allow buyers to compare the sizes between different models: a smaller cubic foot measurement means that there is less space for storage, while larger numbers indicate more room in the freezer or freshness compartment
  • measuring cubic footage helps people determine beforehand whether or not they have enough space to accommodate such an appliance at home (especially if you live with roommates),
  • the standard cubic feet are crucial when it comes to To calculate whether a vehicle can fit a fridge, you must first determine how many cubic feet there are in a normal-sized fridge.

What is a Cubic Foot?

A cubic foot is the standard unit of measure for objects with cubic dimensions. A cubic foot is the total volume of a cube when all six sides of a cube are one foot in length. To determine how many cubic feet are in a refrigerator, you must multiply length x width x height.

How to measure the Cubic Feet of Refrigerator?

  • Find the info about the refigerator model. Once you know that, you can consult the manufacturer’s website to discover your fridge capacity.

1) There may be a sticker inside or outside the fridge with the model number.

2) You could find your confirmation email with the model details.

3) Modern fridges have a QR code that can be scanned with your cell phone. Once scanned, your cell phone will automatically launch a web browser where the information about your refrigerator are displaying.

  • Сarry out measuring cubic feet of your refigerator by yourself. In this cse, you ought yo use a tape measure or a ruler to get an accurate height, width and depth measurement of the unit. You can write down all the measurements as you take them. Then you need to perfom as following steps:

1) Cubic foot measurements are usually given in inches, so you must first measure the height of your fridge.

2) Determine width by measuring between both inside edges of the door’s hinges (not including handles).

3) Use a tape measure or  arulerto obtain depth by following along each side of hinge and handle areas on one end then moving over just enough for it to reach the other edge without crossing into another area.

4) Multiply height by width by depth using mental math or a calculator. You can also use on-line cubic feet calculator. For example, if your refrigerator is 5,5 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 2,5 feet deep. To calculate the cubic feet, you would multiply 5,5 x 3 x 2,5 =41, 25. It means that your refrigerator would be 41,25 cubic feet. The standard notion of cubic feet is symbol ft3 or cu ft.

5) You could also face the problem converting inchs into feet. Just remember, that 1 inch is equal to 1/12 feet:

1″ = 1/12ft = 0.083333 ft

Or, alternatively, you may use one of Inches to Feet On-line Calculators. Then, multiplying the latter number by the height, the width and the depth of your fridge, obtain your fridge linear sizes in feets and calculate again its cubic feet according to Step 4.

Complete It with Ease!

If you’ve ever wondered how to measure cubic feet of your refrigerator, this article should be able to help. It will walk you through the process and give tips for how to complete it with ease. We hope that these easy-to-follow steps and basic maths have helped you better understand what measurements are necessary for calculating process. Let us know if there are any other questions about measuring cubic feet or anything else related!