Is a Noisy Fridge Dangerous?

You may not know this, but is a noisy fridge dangerous? The short answer is “no”. Let’s go to the long one.

A fridge is one of the most important components in your kitchen. It keeps food and drinks cold and is also an important appliance for storing leftovers. But it is also possible that your refrigerator is making distracting noises.

Noisy fridges can be very annoying; they cause people to lose sleep at night or they simply make them want to turn on their TV so they don’t have to hear the noise anymore. Is a noisy fridge dangerous? In this blogpost, we’re going to clarify the issue.

Do refrigators always making noise?

Some noise will occur naturally during your refrigerator is running. When the unit is operating, you may hear a boiling, gurgling, or knocking sound. This occurs due to refrigerant circulation.

Normal noises

While the fridge is running, you may hear sounds that are normal for your unit while it is working just fine. Here are some types of ordinary noises your fridge may produce.

  • Clicking and ticking. This clock-like noise usually means the defrost time is turning on or off.
  • hissing, sizzling, buzzing, or arching noise may be heard on self-defrost models. This is produced when water drips on defrost heaters.
  • A Gurgling sound in the door. This sound can be heard just after the door is closed because of the water in the drain tube trap area. It can last several seconds.
  • drip may be heard when the defrost water is dripping into the drain pan.
  • A loud noise is generated when cubes are dropped into the ice storage bucket.

You don’t need to worry that something is wrong if these sounds are present in an ordinary way.

Unusual noises

However,can unusual or loud noise like buzzing or humming coming from your refrigerator is not normal. It means something is wrong with your machine and therefore needs attention. Some unusual noises might indicate the malfunctioning of some parts inside the refrigerator which can be dangerous.

If the noise is coming from the compressor area, this is not good to hear. A high-pitched sound is definitely bad for you and your fridge because it means internal parts are damaged or broken inside the machine. Some assumptions about what causes the noise one can read at our article Is your refrigerator compressor bad?

Humming sounds from the condenser coils is also not good. This is often accompanied by burning smell coming from the fridge and is usually caused by excess dust on coils which is restricting airflow through them. If you notice some unusual sound or noise outside your unit, it’s probably that you need to clean the condenser coils of the refrigerator as soon as possible.


  • Condenser Fan

If you hear grinding or scraping sound coming from the fan area, it is often caused by too much dust collected on blades of this component which is restricting its ability to rotate fast enough and produce noise. Cleaning up these parts is necessary especially when it comes into overheating because this will cause permanent damage for sure! Repair costs can be high in such cases so preventative measures are always better than cure, right?

In conclusion

Now that you know what kinds of sounds typically mean danger inside your refrigerator, remember they should never happen at all! If something is wrong with your fridge, don’t wait until disaster strikes – calling a repairman is highly recommended every time any strange sound appears!