Anukis Compact Refrigerator 3.5 Cu Ft 2 Door Mini Fridge


Color Silver
Brand Anukis
Form Factor Compact, Freezer Bottom
Configuration Freezer-on-Top
Item Dimensions LxWxH 17.5 x 16.7 x 34.2 inches


2 Door Compact Refrigerator Anukis 3.5 Cu Ft Refrigerator. Low power consumption and little noise level. It can also be used to store frozen food as well as fresh food.

Fresh food compartment: 32′ to 50′, freezer compartment: 3′ to -1′). Fresh section: 2.3 cubic feet, freezer section: 1.2 cubic feet

The light doesn’t work, but the fridge is in good shape. There is a small refrigerator with an interior that needs to be installed manually. The freezer and bottom doors, as well as door handles, must be installed manually.

The two front feet of the refrigerator are adjustable in terms of balance. The 2 door mini fridge with freezer is ideal for apartments, dorms, offices, garages, and other similar settings.

When the appliance is used for the first time, it’s best to keep food in there for three hours. The fridge room may ice if the thermostat is set to 7.