Bull Outdoor Products 11001 Front Panel Refrigerator


Color Metallic Grey
Finish Type Glossy
Brand Bull Outdoor Products
Model Name Compact Refrigerator
Form Factor Compact
Pattern Solid
Configuration Compact Freezerless


This stainless steel front panel refrigerator is sure to keep your food cold and fresh! It features an exterior door panel, which can be easily replaced if it gets dented or scratched. The reversible access doors allow you choose whether they face leftward when opened upwards at the top half of their travel range (for easy storage) then turn right again down low on either side; making them perfect for homes with limited cabinet space because these types don’t take up much vertical room like other models may do.

The full function control thermostat allows users ultimate flexibility in selecting any temperature between 33° and 41°F, so you can keep your perishables at the temperature that works best for them.

With a spacious 4 cu ft of space to keep food and beverages ice cold, this refrigerator also features 304 stainless steel doors that will never rust or scratch easily like other materials can do over time due in part from their exposure on exterior grounds- making them more reliable than ever before!