Winia WFRSY22D2B Side Mounted Refrigerator


olor Black
Finish Type Black
Brand Winia
Model Name WFRSY22D2B
Form Factor Side By Side
Configuration Side-by-Side
Energy Star DOE


The counter depth design is meant to match flush with your countertops, giving your kitchen a sleek built-in look. The interior of the refrigerator has 2 transparent Storage Bins that separate fruit and vegetables and make it simple to get nutritious food.

For leafy greens, choose a humidity level of Humidity High; for longer-lasting fruits, select a humidity level of Humidity Low. Neutra Fresh air filter eliminates odors and leaves your refrigerator smelling fresh. The Water Filter in the NSF-certified* Ice & Water Maker removes impurities so you don’t have to buy bottled water.

A gallon-size door bin allows for easy storage of large jugs and bottles in the door, freeing up space on shelves. The efficiently-designed compressor swiftly responds to changes in ambient temperature to maintain the refrigerator and freezer at set levels, ensuring food remains fresh. Large containers and bottles may be stored in the clear, deep, gallon-size door bins, which free up shelf space by storing big jugs and bottles inside.