What Is a Counter Depth Refrigerator?

A counter depth refrigerator is a type of fridge that has been designed to fit limited kitchen space providing storage and efficiency at the same time. It’s what many people are looking for in their kitchens, but what does it mean? This article will discuss what counter depth refrigerators are, what they offer you as the consumer, and how to find out if this is something you want for your home.

Difference between Counter Depth Refrigerators and Full-Size Refrigerators

A counter-depth refrigerator is one that is 24 to 30 inches deep, smaller than traditional full-size refrigerators which are more than 30 inches deep, with the majority being around 35- to 36-inch depth. As a result, in many kitchens, traditional refrigerators may stick out over a foot from the edge of the kitchen countertops.

For a cleaner, more customized appearance, the best counter depth refrigerators are designed to fit better your kitchen countertops and drawers. However, keep in mind that counter-depth refrigerators will not necessarily be the same size as your countertops since you’ll need space for the doors to open.

Counter-depth refrigerator come in all types of full-size refrigerators which include bottom-freezer, top-freezer, French door and side-by-side models.

Benefits of Counter Depth Refrigerators

Counter depth refrigerator have a number of benefits which include:

  • Shallow depth. The counter refrigerators depth is smaller, allowing them to fit the kitchens that have limited space or cabinets that might not be deep enough for larger models.
  • Easy acsess when reaching items in their back corners or bottom shelves. counter depth refrigerator.
  • Additional floor space. They also take up less room in your kitchen because their doors open out instead of swinging all the way around like other types of fridges do. So you have more walking space, especially in tight kitchens.
  • Built-in design. Counter depth refrigeratorsprovide modern seamless look in the kitchen.
  • Not too expensive. Counter depth refrigerators can save you money as they cost less than traditional models.

Limitations of Counter Depth Refrigerators

But, you may found some counter depth refrigerators limitations as well:

  • A wider profile. A 25-inch counter depth refrigerator will be wider than a standard-depth model for the same capacity. If you’re installing a counter-depth fridge in an existing space, make sure it has enough capacity to fit within the constraints of the room.
  • While access is better, drawers such as crispers and deli compartments are shorter. When storing long objects, such as celery or plastic storage containers, or trays in these compartments, the angle makes a significant difference.
  • Freezer compartments are smaller. Expect less capacity in the freezer compartment, no matter how it’s installed. However, access to frozen food is easier than ever.

New Style of Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for an affordable, efficient kitchen appliance that will help your home feel more spacious and provide all the storage space you need, a counter depth refrigerator may be right for you.

Regardless what type of the refrigerator you choose, don’t forgot to measure a new refrigerator before purchasing. A few tips on measuring for refrigerator could be found at our recent article https://backdoorrestaurant.com/info/how-to-measure-for-a-refrigerator/