Refrigerator Organization Ideas: How to Organize Your Fridge and Keep Food Fresh

It can be a challenge to organize your refrigerator and keep food fresh. There are so many things going on in there that it’s hard to find a place for everything, but with some creativity you’ll have space for all of your groceries and more! In this blog post we will discuss refrigerator organization ideas, including lazy susans, bottle organizers, container organizers and more.

You may have used refrigerator organization ideas in the past, but are they still working for you? Over time, our refrigerator can become cluttered with food that is no longer fresh. This means wasted food and money lost over time. Follow these refrigerator organization ideas to get back on track!

What to organize your refrigerator for?

  • for more efficient work and money saving

Keeping your refrigerator clean and organized is the best way to save power and don’t lose the efficiency of your fridge. Refrigerator organization is all about saving your time and money. You can save more than 40% of energy by organizing refrigerator properly which means that it will be the best investment for years to come.

  • for more fresh food

If the refrigerator works more efficiently, the food in it will stay fresh longer as a result.

  • to find food easier

You spend less time on searching for items while shopping or preparing meals.when we are busy with other things than cooking, looking through refrigerator drawers etc.

  • for buying only what’s necessary

Thanks not having so many unorganized products inside fridge you’ll be able to see if there are any leftovers from last week still good.

Main refrigerator organization ideas

You need to keep the items which are most used at the top shelf of refrigerator. It is easy to grab them, but you can put less frequently needed foods on bottom shelves or in special refrigerator drawers for an extra layer of storage space. You can also organize refrigerator by temperature zones if your fridge have it.

  1. Refrigerator containers and bins

Storage bins for food and dairy products are frequently sold in sets that include a variety of sizes, so you may arrange small or large thingsBeyond these basic containers, however, there are plenty of options out there designed for specific storage needs.

The goal is to

contain items, categorize them and separate them,

says Gilat Tunit, founder of Project Neat, a professional home organization company. Having the right containers in refrigerator will save you money, time and space.

2. Fridge bottle organizers

You may keep water bottles and soda cans in refrigerator door. Or use a fridge storage bin or caddy, but you must make sure they won’t tip over when the door is opened.

  • stackable container for beverages

If you have a lot of drinks in cans, this is the way to go. You won’t have to worry about avalanches when you grab one since they can be lined up inside and even on top of each other.

  • ceiling magnetic strips

They are attached to the roof of your refrigerator using peel-and-stick adhesive. Simply hold up cans of beer or soda once they’re installed.

  • wine bottles organizer

The necks might hit the shelves, they may roll about when you remove something else from the shelf, and they might fall off if you put them on a door. These plastic holders fix both of these difficulties by stacking.

3. Lasy susans is a great way to keep your refrigerator clean and organized. Put all condiments, sauces, oils and salad dressings together in one place for easy access.

4. High side drawers which make the “height” of your fridge’s side drawers higher. Just keep in mind that this section of the fridge is the warmest, so consider storing things that will be consumed soon.

5. Binder clips can help to store all opened bags in the freezer so they don’t leak all over.

6. Hang Baskets to utilize wall space above refrigerator by hanging baskets or a magnetic knife rack.

7. Refrigerator trays that goes over the top shelf of fridge is to store breads and cheeses. This way all food will be visible whithout blocking it from view!

Happy organizing!

In this blog post, we have discussed a variety of ways to organize your refrigerator in order to make it easier for you and your family. We hope that these ideas will help get you started on the path to organization! Good luck and happy organizing!