Most Energy Efficient Refrigerator

The appliances you purchase will have a major impact on your electricity bill, and for the coming years to follow, it gets incorporated into your fixed costs. The great news is that household appliances, in specific refrigerators, have got even more efficient over the days, providing less and less for people (read more about refrigerator energy efficiency on

How To Choose The Most Energy Efficient Refrigerator: Buyer’s Guide

According to the Department of Energy (official website), the refrigerator is among the largest construction appliances in the household, usually making up 13.7 percent of the energy consumption of a household. Purchasing energy-efficient fridges, in other terms, allows good economic sense.
What should you pay attention to first of all, if you choose an energy-efficient refrigerator?
1. Freezer location. It is important where the freezer is located in the competition for energy between the bottom freezer and adjacent refrigerators and the top freezer and adjacent refrigerators: A refrigerator with a top-mounted freezer provides the most energy and is the most economical model of the refrigerator. According to customer surveys, when buying a refrigerator, you should also remember the possibility of expensive maintenance. Side-by-side refrigerators with ice makers will be more than twice as likely, while refrigerators with freezers below require repairs.
2. Energy efficiency. To evaluate the energy efficiency of refrigerators and the amount of electricity they use, look for the bright yellow EnergyGuide sticker on the appliance. When choosing a refrigerator, energy saving ші best achieved by evaluating the location of the refrigerator.
3. Freezer’s age. In general, older refrigerators are inefficient compared to newer refrigerators. This is due to a number of reasons. First, federal minimum energy efficiency requirements for refrigerators have gotten tougher over time and will continue to do so in the future. Second, unless properly maintained, all refrigerators lose efficiency over time. So, at your discretion, here’s a buyer’s guide to what to look for when buying an energy-efficient refrigerator.
1. Capacity A refrigerator’s power is estimated in liters. The range of capacity from the smallest to the largest has widened significantly in recent years. However, one important aspect to consider when deciding the requirement is the size of your family. This decides how much food you can store in your refrigerator.
A 150 to 250-litre refrigerator will suffice for a pair with one baby. You would want to opt for a 250 to 500-liter one if you have a bigger family of four to five members. A 250 to 350-liter fridge would suffice for a family of four consisting of two adults and two kids. Large families of six or seven individuals would, of course, necessitate a large refrigerator with a size of anywhere from 550 to 850 liters.
2. Space The amount of space required in your home is also a huge aspect to remember when buying a refrigerator. You should still check the dimensions of the refrigerator you want to buy to see if it would fit in your room. Don’t neglect to prepare for the fact that the fridge doors would need any clearance in order to open easily.
3. Compressors Refrigerator compressors are in charge of keeping the temperature within the refrigerator. Smaller refrigerators typically come with general compressors, while medium and wide refrigerators typically come with inverter compressors, it’s a feature that will come in handy for a long time.
4. Inverter Inverter compressors are flexible by design, allowing them to operate at different speeds based on the amount of cooling needed. They begin at a slow pace and only accelerate when there is a lack of cooling. As a result, they are more energy-efficient.
5. Smart Features To keep up with the technology, modern refrigerators are being outfitted with a slew of smart features. Smartphone incorporation is one thing, but some versions also have large screens that monitor activities, schedules, images, videos, and other information. Samsung and LG have a couple of smart refrigerators available in the market.
6. Energy Rating Ultimately, this feature is the one you should look for in an energy-efficient refrigerator. Appliances are provided with EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) or star ratings to show how energy efficient they are. They would be much more energy-efficient if they get a higher star ranking. If you want to delve deeper into this, search at the approximate units of electricity (kWh) that your model would use over the course of a year.

Most Energy Efficient Refrigerator

Additional Features

New refrigerators come with several extra features designed to make your life simpler.

1. Water and Ice Dispenser

The majority of side-by-side versions have water and ice dispensers. They make it possible to have cold water or ice cubes without having to open the fridge.

2. Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelves come to the rescue in situations when you can remove a few to make room for larger objects.

3. Door alarm

Some models come with Door alarm system which ensures that the door closes properly, prevents cold air from escaping and reduces energy consumption.

4. Deodorizers

Deodorizers use strong cleaners to clear odors from the refrigerator. This means that the fridge does not emit a bad odor every time you open it.

5. Cool Pack

A cool pack is a feature that helps the freezer to remain cool for up to 12 hours without the use of energy.

Comparison Table & Main Features

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Are new refrigerators more energy efficient?

It is definitely true that new fridges are startlingly more efficient than models manufactured in the 1970s and 80s, up to 75 percent in certain instances. According to Energy Star specifications, it stipulates that a 28-cubic-foot fridge should not exceed 403.82 kWh per year, thus being followed by various manufacturers.

What type of refrigerator is the most energy-efficient?

The most efficient are fridges with a freezer on either the top or bottom. Lower freezer designs use around 16% less energy as compared to side-by-side models, while top freezer models use around 13% less energy than side-by-side models.

Which refrigerator brand is most reliable?

According to J.D. Power Report, Whirlpool (official website) is the top pick for a notable brand of refrigerators. In second and third place, collectively, are KitchenAid (official website) and Samsung (official website). Another noteworthy finding: Whirlpool was also identified by the Puls survey as the most popular home appliance brand in general.

What is the difference between Energy Star (official website) and energy-efficient?

The distinction between your standard old, efficient energy appliance and an eligible Energy Star appliance is that the Energy Star window is NFRC (official website) accredited and has better energy efficiency relative to other appliances (including other NFRC certified ones).

Do Energy Star appliances really save money?

It consumes more electricity for a washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator to run altogether, as per the EPA (official website). An appliance with an Energy Star tag, meanwhile, consumes 15 percent less energy which can save you $175 over the appliance’s lifespan.

1. Top Freezer: Frigidaire FFHT2033VP 30″ Top Mount Refrigerator

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Frigidaire FFHT2033VP 30″ Top Mount Refrigerator (official website) Product Information

Item Dimensions Width: 29.62″ Height: 69″ Depth: 34.5″
Capacity Total Capacity: 20.4 cu. ft. – Refrigerator Capacity: 15.3 cu. ft. – Freezer Capacity: 5.1 cu. ft.
Item Weight 220 pounds
Certification Energy Star (check on
Annual Energy Use 470 kWh/yr
Form Factor Freezer_top
Installation Type Freestanding
Lighting LED
Special Features Number of Doors:2, Hinge Side: Right, Number of Shelves:2
Shelves 4: Glass, Wire
Door Hinges Reversible

Frigidaire 30

This Frigidaire’s 30′′ top freezer refrigerator fits with 20.4 cu. ft. gross capacity which is ranked by Energy Star. It also includes slicker drawers powered by store-more humidity, store-more gallon door shelf, spillsafe racks, LED lighting, removable doors, and a transparent food bin.

Humidity Control and Spill Safe

There is a humidity-controlled crisper drawer in this refrigerator that holds your vegetables and fruit fresh, and a gallon door-shelf space that allows you space for bigger products such as a carton of milk. It also spills safe and has shelves meant to hold spills controlled, making it a breeze for cleaning.


Full-Width Wire Freezer and Reversible Door

Its full-width wire freezer-shelf provides you with a way to help arrange products in your refrigerator so you can easily locate food. Depending on your preferences, it has a reversible door that can be mounted to access left or right and bright LED lighting to search for food quicker.


Frigidaire 30″ Top Mount Refrigerator might be the most efficient top freezer you can find in the market, not only it reduces your electricity cost, but it can also accommodate many products while keeping your stored food fresh and safe. Check price at,,,,

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2. Bottom Freezer: Beko BFBF2414WH Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


Beko BFBF2414WH Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (official website) Product Information

Item Dimensions Width: 23 5/8″ Height: 67 11/16″ Depth: 26 3/8″
Capacity Total Capacity: 11.4 cu ft – Refrigerator Capacity: 8.08 cu ft – Freezer Capacity: 3.35 cu ft
Item Weight 145.5
Certification Energy Star (check on
Annual Energy Use 286 kWh/yr
Form Factor Bottom Freezer
Installation Type Freestanding
Lighting LED
Special Features Number of Doors:2, Door Handle Type: Flush
Shelves 3: Glass
ProSmart Inverter Compressor High efficiency, high durability, low noise

Beko BFBF2412WH

With this Beko counter-depth refrigerator, maintain fresh foods and your frozen goods cool. It includes a counter-deep theme, making it suitable for a tidy, consistent look for use in lightweight kitchen setups. The lower section is a handy freezer that can hold up to 3.49 cubic feet, and up to 6.85 cubic feet are stored in the top part.

NeoFrost Dual Cooling Technology

Its efficient NeoFrost Dual Cooling Technology helps extend food shelf life longer, and its advanced IonGuard Technology provides the perfect environment for any food and helps to remove odors by providing a fresh-air environment within your refrigerator.


Dual Evaporator

To reduce maintenance, this Beko bottom-freezer fridge has a double evaporator and a frost-free function. It is ENERGY STAR-certified and has a range of stunning internal features that make your fridge look as sleek as it is practical.


If you are looking for an efficient bottom freezer that will suffice your needs to produce storage consequently, this Beko Inch Counter Depth Freestanding Bottom Freezer is a decent choice to consider. It has many features that you can benefit from and functions to achieve maximum efficiency. Check price at,,

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3. Side by Side: GE GSE25GSHSS Side Refrigerator

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GE GSE25GSHSS Side Refrigerator (official website) Product Information

Item Dimensions Width: 35.75″ Height: 69.5″ Depth: 35.25″
Capacity Total Capacity: 25.3 cu. ft. – Refrigerator Capacity: 16.07 cu. ft. – Freezer Capacity: 9.25 cu. ft.
Item Weight 340 pounds
Certification Energy Star (check on
Annual Energy Use 645 kWh/yr
Form Factor Side_by_side
Temperature Management Features 4 Electronic Sensors
Control Type Actual Temperature Display
Upfront Electronic Touch Temperature Controls
Defrost Type Frost Guard
Icemaker Factory-Installed
Dispenser Cubes, Crushed Ice and Chilled Water
Dispenser Features Child Lock
Door Alarm
LED Dispenser Light
Water Filter Indicator Light
Water Filtration GE Water Filtration (XWFE Filter)
Filter Location Upper right corner
Fresh Food Cabinet Shelves 2 Slide-Out
3 Adjustable
3 Spill Proof
4 Total – Glass
Fresh Food Door Bins 2 Adjustable with Gallon Storage
2 Fixed
4 Total
Fresh Food Door Features Dairy Compartment

GE GSE25GSHSS Side Refrigerator

There is a water filtration unit in the side-by-side refrigerator in Bisque and an Arctic icemaker with a unique access door that brings ice within range. Cubes, crushed ice, and cooling capacity are provided by the dispenser in your fridge. Slide-out flexible, spill-proof glass shelves with elevated borders help to contain leaks, holding up to 12 oz. Water, to make cleanup simple and fast.

Power Cooler Technology

That big 25.4 cu. ft. GE’s power cooler holds the newest in energy-saving equipment and customization. Its adjustable racks enable you to comfortably accommodate large food products, and an adjustable moisture crisper keeps your vegetables and fruit fresher for longer.


Adjustable Containers

This fridge has slide-out flexible, drip glass shelves that have elevated sides that help absorb leaks and make it fast and easy to clean up. Adjustable containers provide extra storage space in the door for dairy and other gallon-size bottles.


This refrigerator is Energy Star certified as a part of GE’s continuing contribution to preserving your energy and promoting initiatives at large to be an efficient and quality brand. Overall, it is a great side-by-side refrigerator to consider. Check price at,,,,

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4. Compact with Freezer: Igloo IRF32BK Single Door Compact Refrigerator with Freezer

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Product Information

Item Dimensions Width: 19″ Height: 31.75″ Depth: 18.5″
Capacity Total Capacity: 3.2 cu. ft. – Freezer Capacity: 0.9 cu. ft.
Item Weight 33.3 pounds
Certification Energy Star
Annual Energy Use 193 kWh/yr
Form Factor Single-door, compact
Installation Type Built-In
Freezer Type Separate freezer compartment
Door Recessed door handle, 2-liter bottle storage and a can dispenser built into the interior of the door
Shelves 2: Slide out, Glass
Refrigirator Cooling Range Between 32°F – 50°F
Wherever you need it, this expansive fridge-freezer model holds snacks and drinks cold. In addition to 2-liter bottle space and a can dispenser integrated into the inside of the frame, the spacious interior features two slide-out open shelving and a freezer drawer. The adjustable thermostat also holds foods at the optimum temperature, controlled by a basic dial control.

Sufficient and Versatile Storage

This fridge has storage that provides enough room for your favorite frozen foods to be kept. It has a recessed door handle that enables the door to be flipped to fit into any space comfortably – suitable for college dorms, office quarters, garages, labs, and more.


Easy Access Interior and Thermostat

This fridge has 2 frameless slide-out open shelving with spill protection guards, an 8-can container, a 2-liter tall bottle space, and a condiment shelf that can be customized to suit a range of foods and beverages. It also has compressor cooling to keep things fresh, helping to sustain optimum temperatures.


Perhaps the most unexpected feature of this refrigerator is its adjustable feet to level the appliance on any surface. Not only is it efficient, but it is also a promising product when it comes to versatility – an appliance that surely suffices any storing needs. Check price at,,


5. Compact Without Freezer: Miele K31222UI

Miele K31222UI

Miele K31222UI (official website) Product Information

Item Dimensions Width: 23.5″ Height: 32.3″ Depth: 18.5″
Capacity Total Capacity: 4.8 cu. ft.
Item Weight 33.2 kg
Certification Energy Star (check on
Annual Energy Use 208 kWh/yr
Form Factor Single-door, compact
Installation Type Undercounter
Operating concept PicTronic
Door hinge Right, convertible door hinging
Shelves 4
Refrigeration section lighting LED
Lock function Yes
Acoustic door alarm Yes

Miele K31222UI

This refrigerator is an integrated fridge under the counter that is custom panel built and handle ready. It is a very small refrigerator and is incredibly energy-efficient (rated A++). It can keep your produce in great form. To provide room for larger containers, the four glass racks can be pushed up and down, while vegetable storage can keep your greens, fruit, and vegetables healthy.

Quiet and Large Storage Capacity

With 135 liters of storage capacity, there is plenty of room to put the grocery items for convenient access, including bottled water, fruit, and vegetables. It even works silently, so that you can get that late-night snack without anyone else in the room waking up.

Miele K31222UI

Quick Chilling Feature

In less time, bring new foods down to the optimal temperature with the quick chilling feature. When you’ve already finished your groceries, it’s perfect and can cover things you’ve already put in the refrigerator from increasing temperatures. Chill drinks sooner so they’re available on a humid day to serve visitors or quench your thirst.


The innovative door shelves of Miele offer you a convenient way to store bottles and smaller objects, making space in the main refrigerator room. Its stylish, transparent shelf space makes it easier to see your food so you can store your food easily and efficiently. Check price at,,

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6. Mini Fridge: BLACK+DECKER BCRK17B Compact Refrigerator

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BLACK+DECKER BCRK17B Compact Refrigerator (official website) Product Information

Adjustable thermostat controlYesDefrostManualRefrigerantEnvironmentally friendly R600A

Item Dimensions Width: 17.50″ Height: 19.70″ Depth: 18.50″
Capacity Total Capacity: 1.7 cu. ft.
Item Weight 33.1 pounds
Certification Energy Star (check on
Form Factor Single Door Mini Fridge
Installation Type Free-standing
Freezer Full-width freezer compartment with ice cube tray
Door Storage 1 full-width & 1 half-width door storage shelves that accommodates tall & 1 liter sized bottles
Shelves 1 full-width slide-out glass
Door Reversible door & space-saving flat back design, Recessed door handle


This mini refrigerator from BLACK+DECKER has a sleek rectangular design that suits with elegance every indoor living room. Behind counters and chairs, or in-room areas, the free-standing, flat back unit suits easily. The adjustable temperature monitor, removable glass shelf, reversible lock, and quiet operation make everyday life a lot simpler.

Adjustable Glass Shelf

The adjustable glass shelf extends the space for storage and makes it easier to wash the refrigerator. It has two cans (such as coffee and beer) or small containers on the high rack suit extra door storage, and a liter or larger bottles and containers (such as water, liquor, and milk) on the bottom shelf.


Low Sound Function

Its low sound function is suitable for areas where a loud appliance is not required such as waiting rooms, TV and gaming rooms, and even baby rooms where milk can be kept for fast feeding. Also, hard materials, abrasives, or solvents are not used in this appliance to harm you and your family.


This compact refrigerator saves space by storing food, beverage, alcohol, and other drinks with limited energy and without taking up much space. It is an efficient and versatile sleek mini-refrigerator, perfect for college dorm rooms, offices, garages, home bars, tiny apartments, and RV campers. Check price at,,

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