Fridge Drawer Organizer: What Is It and How to Use?

Fridge drawers are perfect for storing all sorts of things, but they can often be a mess if not organized. Luckily, there is an easy way to organize your fridge drawers. This blog post will teach you what a fridge drawer organizer is and how to use it without wasting any more time looking for things in the back of your fridge!

What is a Fridge Drawer Organizer?

A fridge drawer is a drawer that fits into the bottom of your fridge. They are great to keep little things like butter, cheese and eggs in as they stay nice and cold. Fridge drawer organizer helps to make the most of your fridge space and food storage without taking up too much space. It also makes those things easy to access when needed, rather than digging around through your entire fridge trying desperately not to let any warm air in.

As we wrote in our article How Many Watts Does a Refrigerator Use? the usage of every common refrigerator is the most effective when the fridge is three-quarters full of food. So you should do your best to organize your fridge leaving at the same time some space to allow cold air to circulate and avoid food smells mixing together.

Fridge Drawer Organizer: Main Types

The two main types of fridge drawer organizer include:

  • food trays and


  • drawer dividers.

Food trays come in different sizes and can be used for storing different types of items, such as small or large containers, cans, bottles or jars. Drawer dividers look like cardboard shelves that you slide into the slots on either side of your fridge drawers to create more shelf-like spaces where you can store tall items such as milk cartons or juice boxes upright.

Below we discuss some tips on using these organizers as well as what makes them so useful. While organizing your refrigerator don’t forget to choose a right section for every food and beverages types: upper shelves, lower shelves, door and drawers.

The fridge drawer organizers make cleaning easy by allowing air flow through each of the sections they create. This means no more mold or mildew (which can smell bad). You won’t have food spilling over into other parts of the shelf anymore with this method because everything has its own space. An easily accessible storage compartment helps you remember your food on the rear shelf.

What is a Crisper Drawer?

The crisper drawer extends the life of your fruits and vegetables by regulating the air around them via the vents. The majority of crisper drawers include adjustable humidity vents, allowing you to regulate the airflow (increasing humidity) or eliminate it (creating a low-humidity environment).

Meat in your fridge should be kept on the bottom shelf, according to some experts. First of all, your crisper drawer is at the bottom of the fridge, which is generally the coldest location. Second, placing meat in a crisper drawer keeps it separate from other foods and prevents cross-contamination.

Another Useful Tips on Fridge Drawer Organizer

  1. Keep the fridge well organized and tidy to avoid spills when you open it.
  2. Try not to keep raw meat, fish or poultry in a drawer next to other foods as they can contaminate them (e.g put tuna in one drawer and cheese in another).
  3. Keep anything you don’t want squished or crushed on top – put it at the back so it doesn’t get knocked around when people open/close the fridge door (e.g chips).
  4. Don’t use your butter compartment for anything else apart from butter e.g don’t store yoghurt there! It will spoil quickly if covered by wet ingredients like milk.
  5. Put fruits and vegetables at the front of your fridge so that they are easy to spot – this way you won’t forget about them before they go off!

Thank you for reading this blog post on how to organize your fridge drawers! Hopefully, the tips we’ve provided have been helpful. If you want more information about refrigerator drawer organizers or any other kitchen organization products, please contact us today.