Best Small Chest Freezer On The Market

A refrigerator is a common kitchen appliance in almost every household. This preserves food fresh even before it is eaten. The freezer feature of a refrigerator, however, may not always be large enough to hold all frozen foods. Hence, for this reason, a chest freezer comes in handy as an extra freezer for your needs.

small chest freezer

Buyer’s Guide

Before I decided on my next chest freezer, I’ve recognized the environment in which the device will be used the most. Perhaps you just want your meat to have extra cooling space, anything to keep the meat frozen while your main refrigerator/freezer has no more capacity. For cold storage, larger foods usually need fewer shelves.
Understanding this, if meats such as whole chickens and turkeys must be put inside, don’t choose a freezer with racks/drawers. When the chest goes outside or flies anywhere with you, have a closer look at the items that have grips on the bottom, along with latches to keep additional dust from coming in.

The Best Small Chest Freezer: Comparison Table & Main Features

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10 Things to Consider before Buying a Chest Freezer


How much electricity does a small chest freezer use?

Using a total of 404 kilowatt-hours each year, or 34 kilowatt-hours each month, a chest freezer greater than 16.5 cubic feet costs $53 a year. When you break $53 by 12, your average expenditures are just over $4 a month.

How to organize a small chest freezer?

Organizing your freezer might be depending on the way you use it, but it is advisable to freeze all flat to boost your freezer capacity (and, to keep things looking good). Also, place the bags flat on a cookie sheet and detach each bag using cardboard. They can be quickly stacked upright until they’re frozen. They’re going to look a lot neater and your freezer is going to be a lot easier to handle.

What setting for a small chest freezer is best?

The ‘0’ setting is OFF, which disables the cooling. Turn the knobs to lower hot-temperature numbers and higher colder-temperature numbers. For most settings, the level of 5 for both the fresh food and freezer portion is the preferred configuration.

Which uses more energy a side by side refrigerator or small chest freezer?

A side by side freezer is an electrically operated box used to freeze foods similar to a refrigerator-freezer; these freezers usually have more space than refrigerator-freezers. More than 100 percent more energy than newer Energy Star quality versions can be used for older side by side refrigerators.

What could cause my small chest freezer to leak?

A possible source of leaks is a congested defrost drain in the freezer, which is when water from the defrost period is extracted from the freezer into the drain pan underneath. This water will not drain if the defrost drain is clogged and ends up accumulating inside the freezer or leaking out.

1. Midea MRC04M3AWW Single Door Chest Freezer – Strong Cooling

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This Midea chest freezer (official website) drops at 7 cubic feet into the bigger platform of freezer chests. It includes a removable wire basket that, as far as organizations are concerned, does a lot of good. Without a doubt, this big chest freezer will suit you particularly if you carry a big volume of food. This chest freezer is definitely wide enough to fit your necessities, but it still looks sleek (more info on

Midea Single Door Chest Freezer SPECIFICATIONS

Item Weight 59.5 pounds
Product Dimensions 20.59 x 22.2 x 33.5 inches
Freezer Capacity 3.5 Cubic Feet
Installation Type Free Standing
Form Factor Stand Alone
Color White
Voltage 120 Volts
Material Type Iron
Door Material Type Stainless Steel
Door Hinges Reversible
Included Components 1 Hanging Wire Storage Basket
Mechanical Control with Adjustable Thermostat From -12 to -28 Degrees
Temperature Range From an icy cold -12 to a positively Arctic -28
Climate ST/T
Energy class DOE
Load Capacity 245/40 HQ
WARRANTY Full 1-Year / Compressor 2-Year
Certification Energy Star Rated

Midea Single Door Chest Freezer

Large Capacity in Small Size

The cooling system (cooling pipes and layer) could be constructed thinner with high cooling performance with the built-in door hinge and special Midea D+ device, which lets the Midea temperature controller and chest freezer retain large capacity in smaller sizes.


Easy to Open and Clean Modern Design

The Recessed Handle makes opening the door convenient for you and makes the freezer look nice and elegant. The chest freezer is easier to remove and clean the defrost water, followed by a defrost vacuum.


This Midea chest freezer might have the largest capacity to store your frozen foods. It also supports temperature regulation allowing you to adjust the temperature to the degree you want. With the ability to get very cold and exceptional regulation of temperature, this is definitely a chest freezer worth looking at. Check price at,,,
  • Built-in hinged door
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Mechanical control
  • Energy-star model (check on
  • The magnetic seal may shorten due to repeated use and opening

2. Danby DCF038A2WDB-3 3.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer – Most Energy-Efficient

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The chest freezer that a Danby DCF038A2WDB is might be the one you are looking for. The load volume is 3.8 cu.ft (108L) and is sealed in cabinets and lid insulated with energy-efficient padding and foam. Its front-mounted defrost drain lets you manually and easily defrost this chest freezer. This reduces a great deal of energy and time.

Danby Chest Freezer (official website) SPECIFICATIONS

Item Weight 62 pounds
Product Dimensions 22.2 x 24.96 x 33.07 inches
Freezer Capacity 3.8 Cubic Feet
Installation Type Free Standing
Form Factor Stand Alone
Color White
Voltage 120 Volts
Material Type Iron
Defrost Manual
Special Features Garage Ready, can perform in temperatures from 0F to 110F (-17C to 43C)
Door Hinges Top
Included Components 1 Adjustable White Wire Basket
Mechanical Control with Adjustable Thermostat from -17 to -43 Degrees
WARRANTY 5 Years Parts & Labour
Certification Energy Star Rated

Danby Chest Freezer

Safety and Convenient Feature

For your safety and convenience, the lid has well-rounded corners, sharp corners appear to crack as well as inflict lots of body pain if you inadvertently hit yourself on one. It also has an extra white wire basket with flexible secondary capacity for your frequent storage use.

Mechanical Thermostat

Danby uses a mechanical thermostat that is assured it will never disappoint, the thermostat function helps you to choose between warm, cold, and frozen. The light indicator on your freezer shows you that the freezer works smoothly and holds the temperature to your desired condition.



Danby 3.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer might have the best user features worth considering, it gives importance to your safety and your convenience while promising a freezing capacity suitable for any use. Check price at,,,
  • Manual defrost type
  • Low noise
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Energy-star model (check on
  • Unusual rack sizing

3. Arctic King 5 cu ft Chest Freezer for Your House – #1 Best Seller

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Be it your kitchen, garage, cellar, or cottage, the Arctic King chest freezer, which is black in color will benefit you from anywhere. For your preference, it has a manually adjustable thermostat and an easily available defrost drain. The interior has been smartly built to help with the cleaning problem, so you’ll be having a simple and easy time to clean (more info on

Arctic King 5 cu ft Chest Freezer SPECIFICATIONS

Item Weight 73.4 lbs
Product Dimensions L 24.9″” x W 21.7″” x H 33.5″
Freezer Capacity 5 Cubic Feet
Installation Type Free Standing
Form Factor Compact
Color Black
Voltage 120 Volts
Material Type Iron
Defrost Manual
Door Hinges Top
Included Components Removable storage basket
Finish Type Metallic
Certification Energy Star Rated
Energy-Efficience 218 kWh a year

Arctic King 5 cu ft Chest Freezer

Removable Basket and Beautiful Finish

Those products you often use were taken care of, with a removable basket that was built for you. The finish on the container; a curved handle and polished corners give a special outlook to this chest freezer that lets it stand out from all other chest freezers.

Removable Tray and Easy to Clean

If you want to, you can take out the tray above but it is built for powerful small objects. In front of the container, a drain is mounted, intended for users to easily wash the bottom as water melts. This often eases the mess when cleaning the inside.

Arctic King


Arctic King chest freezer has the best easy to clean system built in a chest freezer, its water drainage is located in front making it easy to defrost. Plus, for a compact freezer, it only takes up a small space in your kitchen, garage or even in your bedroom. Check price at,
  • The door stays open even without holding off
  • The fixed small tray inside
  • Front water drainage
  • Energy-star model (check on
  • It only includes one basket per unit

4. Avanti CF24Q0W 2.4 Chest Freezer – Best User-Friendly

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For someone who does not want to burden themselves while moving such a product, the Avanti CF24Q0W is a decent chest freezer. Since it’s so lightweight, it also gives you space to store large items inside, without this resulting in anything that only requires to be removed so you can slide it to another spot.

Avanti CF24Q0W 2.4 Chest Freezer (official website) SPECIFICATIONS

Item Weight 45 pounds
Product Dimensions 24 x 16.5 x 32.75 inches
Freezer Capacity 2.5 Cubic Feet
Installation Type Free Standing
Form Factor Stand Alone
Color White
Voltage 120 Volts
Material Type Stainless-Steel
Defrost Defrost Drain
Door Hinges Top
Included Components Removable storage basket
Special Features Temperature control, includes a power indicator light for easy checking
WARRANTY Full 1-Year / Compressor 2-Year
Certification Energy Star Rated

Avanti CF24Q0W 2.4 Chest Freezer

Temperature Control

This chest freezer has a temperature control that can be changed in the front mount, allowing you to easily set your desired chilling levels and save on energy when required. This is suitable for your office, cottage, or kitchen. without taking up much space to be installed.

User Friendly

This chest freezer has a few other qualities that make it quite user-friendly. The simple, easy-to-open flip-up lid allows you full access to your stored food products. It also has an indicator light control that lets you know that the device is switched on and also runs quietly.



This chest freezer might be the best user-friendly chest freezer suitable for any use and installation. It has many features that you might need to consider when buying a freezer. However, If you or someone who is going to use the freezer is small, while they’re at the back, it may be a little difficult to reach heavy objects. Check price at,,,
  • Low clearance to fit in countertops
  • Not space heavy
  • The dimension allows weight distribution
  • Energy-star model (check on
  • The bottom part is hard to reach

5. IglooICFMD35WH6A 3.5 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer with Removable Basket – Best for a large family

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This 3.5 cu. ft. container provides extra storage space for all frozen foods such as meat, pizza, cold drinks, fruit and vegetables and ice cream, making it ideal for homes, basements, garages, vans, etc. It is a perfect space saver perfect for little apartment, providing easy stuff finding. The fridge is great for extra meat and ice cream.


Adjustable Thermostat

The adjustable thermostat is easy to access and features a min/max control dial that allows you to control your temperature from -10 to 10°F.

Removable Wire Basket

The handy hanging wire storage basket easily detaches and slides out for easy organization and helps you keep small items within easy reach so they don’t get lost.

Balanced Hinged-in Door

The built-in strong balanced steel hinge allows you to keep the freezer door open at various angles (45-90 degrees), allowing you to work hands-free while preventing it from falling.


The refrigerator has more surface area, larger heat exchange area and higher efficiency, thus making the refrigerator cooler than other chest coolers. The aluminum interior with heavy duty gaskets also creates a tight seal, preventing cold air from escaping. Check price at
  • Spacious capacity
  • Quick freezing system
  • Low noise
  • LED-lights
  • Does not have a drane nose

6. Arctic King ARC070S0ARBB 7 cu ft Chest Freezer – Best Energy Saving

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The Arctic King Chest Freezer is a top-of-the-line freezer that not only holds your food healthy for a long time but also makes your life a lot easier. It has a durable removable storage basket that you can use for more commonly used food products that will make your store more convenient (more info on

Arctic King 7 cu ft Chest Freezer SPECIFICATIONS

Item Weight 73 pounds
Product Dimensions 32.1 x 21.7 x 33.5 inches
Freezer Capacity 7 Cubic Feet
Defrost Type Manual
Control Type Mechanical
Color Black
Electrical Requirements 115V/60Hz
Temperature Range (Min/Max) -18.4℉ ~ 10.4℉
Material Type Stainless-Steel
Special Features Adjustable Thermostat, Defrost Drain, Door Opens, Quiet, Removable Storage Basket, Swing-Down Gate
Warranty Parts and Labor\Compressor 1 Year\10 Years
Certification Energy Star Rated

Easy Defrost and Elegant Design

When washing the fridge, the removable basket comes in handy, making the defrost drain readily available as well. The freezer comes in elegant form and a sleek black shade that blends seamlessly into the kitchen or living room, maximizing the decor throughout your home or office use.

Energy Efficient

You’ll enjoy buying this chest freezer because it requires an average of 218 kilowatts of electricity over one year to be extremely energy efficient. This means you have saved some money with its sustainability and efficiency.

Arctic King


This Arctic King 7 cu ft Chest Freezer is an elegant design and every saving chest freezer for home and office use, it’s a no-brainer that this freezer offers electricity efficiency the most than the other freezer. Check price at,
  • Supported durable door
  • Electricity saving mode
  • Handles have grips
  • Small latches